2019 Ride For Clean - Saturday August 10
The Ride For Clean Energy is an annual fundraising bike ride that raises money to benefit the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation - a non-profit organization that awards a yearly $10,000 grant to a chosen PhD/graduate project researching in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. Each rider participating in the ride must raise a minimum of $250, all of which will be donated to the foundation. The cost to register for the ride is $50, which goes towards a jersey for first time riders, or a cap for returning riders, food/beverages, insurance, and rider support.

The ride is an important event for the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation, as it helps ensure the foundation will be able to continue awarding yearly grants to innovative clean energy researchers. However, not only is the ride important for helping further sustainable energy research, it's a fun way to enjoy the environment  that the foundation is fighting to preserve. So we encourage riders of all skill level to sign up and be a part of a growing community of people who care about the future of our planet.



There are two courses for The Ride For Clean Energy, the classic and the challenge. Both routes depart from Maple Ridge and head out towards Langley and loop back to the start location. The difference between the two courses, however, is on the challenge ride there is an extra 17km of riding and approximately an extra 100m of ascent.  Both routes will be provided with the same support from our volunteers, however we recommend that only stronger riders, who are comfortable keeping an average pace of 28km/h, register for the challenge ride. Below are two maps routing out both the classic and challenge ride.





The Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation was created in 2013 after the sudden passing of Tyler Lewis, a PhD candidate in the field of sustainable energy at the University of British Columbia. Along with being an avid outdoors-man, Tyler was an advocate for sustainable energy research and environmental preservation. Tyler had a personal commitment to conserve and sustain the natural state of our environment. He lived this philosophy daily in his activities and academic research.

The Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation has been established by his parents, in loving memory of Tyler G. P. Lewis, to fund alternative energy and applied sustainability research initiatives. Tyler grew up in rural British Columbia and was taught the importance of environmental awareness from a young age. Tyler recognized the world’s impending energy crisis and had a strong “desire to leave this planet in a better position for future generations”. Tyler believed that as an engineer, “it is our duty to address global issues, such as climate change, in a manner that is environmentally and socially sound.” – Tyler G. P. Lewis


To honor Tyler and acknowledge the value of his personal commitment to conserve and sustain the natural state of our environment a financial grant will be awarded annually to an innovative project in the clean energy research field.

The Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation, [TLCERF], was established in January of 2013. Charitable Gifts Funds Canada [CGFC] is the custodial foundation that holds all TLCERF funds in trust. CGFC also assures compliance and all required financial filings with the Canada Revenue Agency. Royal Bank of Canada Dominion Securities is the financial institution responsible for the investment portfolio. Through the generosity of our financial advisor, Dr. Patrick O’Brien, who is donating his RBCDS commissions back to the foundation, the volunteerism of the TLCERF board and advisors and the low CGFC management fees, approximately 98% of all donated moneys are available to the TLCERF for support of the annual grants.


The Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation has now issued grants to 3 well deserving graduate students working on groundbreaking research in the field of sustainable energy. With the contributions from the Ride For Clean Energy, it is the foundation's goal to be able to able to issue grants every year in order to help forward the field of sustainable energy. To read about the recipients' research, please visit www.tylerlewis.ca/category/grant-recipients/


For more information about the foundation, please visit WWW.TYLERLEWIS.CA

The Ride For Clean Energy is proudly sponsored by Dr. Patrick O'Brien at RBC Dominion Securities, Maple Ridge Trek and Wilson M. Neck Insurance Group. The Ride would not be possible without their generous donations and help.