24 Hour Ride For Clean Energy

As you know, last year was the 10th and final year of the Ride for Clean Energy.  Over those ten years, we were able to raise over $180,000 to help fund the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation, who have been giving as much as $30,000 worth of research grants out to deserving students every yearsince its inception in 2012.  

In order to keep funding the Foundation and these grants, we are continuing to explore grassroot ways to fundraise and build upon what we have been working so hard towards for the past decade. That is why we are excited to announce The 24 Hour Ride for Clean Energy! 

On August 12-13, 2023, Eric, Carl and Sean will be racing the clock in a relay to see how far they can collectively ride within in 24 hours.  

How can you help? 

We are looking for your donations to support of this ride in the form of a pledge to give based on the performance of Eric, Carl and Sean’s joint efforts. All you have to do is pledge to pay for each kilometer the team is able to ride within the 24 hours. Want to pay $0.10 for every kilometer they ride? How about $5? Whatever you are comfortable with will be greatly appreciated. 

If you want to find out more, or make a pledge to The 24 Hour Ride for Clean Energy, please visit the website.